DPP Lifestyle Materials for Sessions 1-16 -- Standard Participant Handouts

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DPP Lifestyle Balance Program Materials


Lifestyle Balance - Healthy Eating, Being Active

  • Sessions 1-16 -- Standard Participant Handouts (below)
  • Sessions 1-16 -- Lifestyle Coach Materials and Optional Participant Handouts
  • Beyond Session 16 -- Lifestyle Coach Materials and Participant Handouts

Download DPP Lifestyle Materials for Sessions 1-16 --Standard Participant Handouts
Section /Description
Files for Download
Keeping Track Booklet PDF: (203K, 1 pg) English
DPP Fat counter PDF: (287K, 78 pgs) English
DPP Participant Notebook Entire Notebook in PDF: (3.1MB, 114 pgs) English
DPP Participant Notebook broken down by Session:
Session 1A Welcome to the Lifestyle Balance Program PDF (10 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 1B Getting Started Being Active PDF: (3 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 1B Getting Started Losing Weight PDF:(2 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 2 or 5 Move those Muscles PDF:(2 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 3 or 6 Being Active: A Way of Life PDF:(15 pgs) English|Spanish
Session 4 or 2 Be a Fat Detective PDF: (10 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 5 or 3 Three Ways to Eat Less Fat PDF: (7 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 6 or 4 Healthy Eating PDF: (11 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 7 or 8 Take Charge of What's Around You PDF: (4 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 8 or 7 Tip the Calorie Balance PDF: (5 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 9 Problem Solving PDF: (5 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 10 Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out PDF: (7 pgs) English |Spanish 
Session 11 Talk Back to Negative Thoughts PDF: (4 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 12 The Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Change PDF: (6 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 13 Jump Start Your Activity Plan PDF: (5 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 14 Make Social Cues Work for You PDF: (8 pgs) English |Spanish 
Session 15 You Can Manage Stress PDF: (4 pgs) English|Spanish 
Session 16 Ways to Stay Motivated PDF: (6 pgs) English|Spanish 







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